Assembled rovings

MultiStar? rovings are manufactured by assembling continuous glass fibers bundles into a roving with defined tex.?Suitable to be chopped and distributed to reinforce unsaturated polyester, epoxy, vinylester and thermoplastic resins.

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MultiStar? rovings for SMC are build on 50 years of JM people expertise.
Weaving Thermosets
MultiStar? rovings developed with our weaving and Non-Crimp Fabric (NCF) customers.

MultiStar? 473 rovings used for Polypropylene reinforcements.

Spray Up

MultiStar? 819 rovings used for Spray-Up processes in Europe.

Filament Winding

MultiStar? 586 rovings used as a reinforcement to make pipes for construction.

DuraChop? 230 rovings used as a fire-retardant and reinforcement in gypsum... more
MultiStar? rovings used for polyester reinforcement used in translucent panels... more
PU (Polyurethane)
MultiStar? rovings used for PU reinforcement used in automotive headliners and... more